Official announcement: NFC supports wireless charging


NFC Forum, the official organization of the NFC standard, officially announced today that the new "Wireless Charging Specification" (WLC) has been approved, and smart phones can be directly wirelessly charged via NFC in the future!

Wireless charging and wireless reverse charging have gradually become the standard equipment of flagship smartphones, and the power is getting higher and higher, with the highest reaching 40W and 20W respectively, but they all need to add a special charging coil to achieve.

In the future, using the NFC module of the mobile phone can directly perform wireless recoil, but after all, NFC is not designed for power supply, but uses an antenna of the NFC device to communicate and charge at the same time, so the power is only 1W.

Of course, the goal of the WLC specification is not to charge mobile phones, but to small products such as smart watches, smart bracelets, wireless headsets, and styluses, and IoT devices.

Specifically, the NFC specification uses a reference frequency of 13.56MHz, and uses the NFC communication link to control the transmission. By sending a continuous carrier signal, the power transmission to the NFC tag is realized, and the communication channel is established. The WLC specification expands the communication function of NFC and adds wireless charging.

The NFC Forum did not disclose the specific hardware requirements for NFC wireless charging, but it seems that a new NFC chip should be needed, and existing NFC devices may not be able to enjoy it.

Article source: fast technology