Dr. Zhou Ruogu

Co-founder, chairman, chief technology officer

Experts in the fields of radio frequency, data communications, algorithms, and sensor networks

  • In the next generation of NFC communication architecture, wireless charging, ultra-low power wireless communication and other fields, there are many world-leading achievements.
  • 2 best papers from top conferences in the field of international wireless communication networks and sensing
  • 4 US patents have been filed, 3 NFC communications and security core US patents have been authorized
2009 Master of Xidian University
2015 Ph.D., Postdoctorate, Michigan State University, USA
2015 Industrialized NFC radio frequency power generation technology

Zhu Xiaomao Master

Co-founder, CEO

China's first batch of chip design professionals

  • Presided over the research and development of China's first mass-produced fast Ethernet SOC chip, hard disk data protection control chip
  • Leading the development of various Ethernet communication SOC chips, WiFi communication chips, Nand Flash storage control chips and automotive MEMS sensor chip products
  • Undertake the national 863 integrated circuit project "WiFi Media Access Layer ASIC" and successfully tape out
  • More than 40 invention patents have been declared, 8 of which have been authorized
  • Awarded as "Outstanding Engineer" in Suzhou City, "Increasing High-level Talents in Shortage", and awarded Second Class in Suzhou Science and Technology Progress

Dr. Guoliang Xing

Co-founder, chief scientist

The world's top experts in the field of NFC, mobile security, Internet of Things, and smart wear

  • He was a tenured professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of Michigan. Published more than 150 papers, with a total of 7000+ citations, won 2 best papers at international top conferences, and 5 best papers Runner-up.
  • 2013-2015 won the top conference MobiCom mobile application award for three consecutive years.
  • Several achievements such as sleep monitoring, exercise and breathing analysis based on multi-sensor fusion technology have been industrialized by enterprises
  • Leading an international team to develop multiple large-scale sensor systems (wireless security/mobile health/data center/geological and water ecological monitoring)
  • Long-term cooperation with American General Motors, Fujitsu, Nokia, and IBM Research Center, and served as chief technical consultant for two high-tech companies.
2001 Bachelor and Master of Xi'an Jiaotong University
2006 Ph.D, University of Washington, USA
2015 The current tenured professor of a famous university in Hong Kong

Sun Zaijian

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Innovative practice expert

  • A keen sense of the market, good at discovering the original ID of the market.
  • For many years, we have practiced the innovative design of unique products in the world, and made them into saleable products.
  • An expert in the innovative design of high-end Apple mobile phone accessories for many years.