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NFC car key, Apple put the NFC function on the headlines again!

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NFC technology enters the field of wireless charging, helping low-power IoT devices to be easily chargedNFC, IoT, wireless charging

Official announcement: NFC supports wireless chargingNFC, reverse wireless charging

1.54 inch passive display small tag APP installation QR code

1.54 inch no screen display small tag installation APP QR code

Congratulations on the successful launch of our IOS APP for E-paper!

Is Yang Ma’s digital currency touch operation to implement NFC?Yang Ma, digital currency, one touch, support NFC

Huawei P40 series and Nova7 series support NFC functionP40, Nova 7, support NFC

Great news: Our solution easily lights up Einks latest color screen without battery!Eink, color ink screen, Acep, no battery required

OPPO VIVO mobile phone supports NFC summaryOPPO, Vivo, NFC phones